I accidentally took two photos of the Minneapolis skyline from the same spot, seven months apart. So I mashed them up.


Mikael Granlund opens scoring and ends the game with an overtime goal.


Mikael Granlund opens scoring and ends the game with an overtime goal.


Foshay, fo sho


Saturday morning commission featuring the three sacred temples of downtown #Minneapolis: #TargetField, #TargetCenter, & #FirstAve.


Open to all, free to all, Haptic Reaction is a mobile event that focuses on the exchange of communication through personalized postcards. 

We will be biking across Minneapolis for this event!
Times and locations are as follows:

Nicollet Mall: 10-11am
Stone Arch Bridge: 11:30-12:30 pm
Gold Medal Park: 1-2pm
Dinkytown: 3-4pm

The main focus of the experience is to create a postcard that will be mailed to another participant of the event. Each person who chooses to take part must sign into a guest book with their address, including only their first name. A writing prompt is provided on the backs of every postcard; four different prompts that participants can choose to answer. People are free to choose what or how intimately they wish to respond to their chosen prompt. The provided postcards will also be imageless, which participants can design, however, inappropriate postcard designs or responses will be disqualified and a new image or response will be fabricated for the postcard before it is mailed, for the safety of the postcard recipient. At the end of the event the postcards will be collected and displayed on a website publication: 

The purpose of this event is to reenact the sense of the giving and receiving of physical letters. The event inverts the contemporary exchange of communication through instant and digital devices, and provides the opportunity to experience the anticipation of waiting for letters to be sent through the traditional post services. The excitement of sending and receiving a thoughtful handwritten letter has been traded for instantaneous and mechanical notes, impersonalized, and dehumanized.

Haptic Reaction allows people to be open-minded and creative, to experience taking time out of our fast-paced society to sit down and write a letter to another person. The event replaces our communication from behind screens to the creation of a physical personalized message, thoughtfully and carefully crafted and mailed, and accentuating the specialness and individualization of giving and receiving letters.

Album Art

Can’t Even Dance - Têtes Noires

Here’s some music to go with the photo/post I just did of the band.

Played 246 times.

Minneapolis Music Flashback Friday - Têtes Noires

Têtes Noires was the first all-female rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, best known for their “casually mocking” feminist lyrics and for three- and sometimes up to six-part vocal harmonies. Founded by former Miss South Dakota Jennifer Holt, they gave concerts from 1983 until about 1987, and recorded three albums which received positive reviews nationally. As Susan Borey wrote for Spin, the name means “black heads” in French, which they used to describe their hair color (like birds and not a complexion problem).

(Source: Wikipedia)


Sesame Street

  1. Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T4i
  2. Aperture: f/5
  3. Exposure: 1/1000th
  4. Focal Length: 77mm


empty sidewalks… #nordeast #minneapolis #minnesota #rideyourbike #sepia (at St. Anthony Main Theatre)