Sherman Just Wants A Home

Sherman is an eight-year-old tuxedo cat who has been at the Humane Society in Golden Valley longer than any other cat (two months!). He just wants a home people. And maybe a FYEAH SHERMAN tumblr just to knock that snotty Maru down a notch or two. Here is his info from the Humane Society website…

Hi, I’m Sherman! If you’ve ever experienced being picked last at a team draft or a dance, you know how I feel. For some reason, prospective adopters have passed me by without getting to know me and what a great pet I could be if given a chance. The staff and volunteers know how special I am and hope that you consider me when you’re looking for a new pet. I’m a dignified, intelligent gentleman, but underneath that cultured and sophistocated exterior is a silly side too! I love to lounge and be the house lion - I would love the opportunity to help you locate the most cozy, comfortable lounging spots in your living room! I’d prefer to be the only cat in your household, as I have so much love to give, but prefer to direct that love to my people-friends. Please, come visit me!

Here is what his volunteer card had written on it…

Hello People, my name is Sherman and I am a cool, calm quiet fellow. I enjoy being petted and listening to the sound of your voice. I will keep all of your secrets. I also like sitting beside you to keep you company. I will be your new best friend in my forever home.

Someone adopt this guy please…

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