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QuestionIs it Minneapolis or Minnecrapolis? Duluth is the best city in Minnesota. Answer

Minnecrapolis? That’s a good one bro.

Oh, by the way…

If you didn’t have Grandma’s Marathon, Thunder Bay Ontario would seem like Las Vegas compared to Duluth.

*arm outstretched/drops mic/walks off stage*

  1. sunshinescouting said: Hahaha! Can’t we all get along! We gotta stick together…It’s WISCONSIN we should be hating on!
  2. classicappa said: omg
  3. bee-arthur said: duluth smells awful
  4. rebolynn said: Come on, people. No need to hate! They’re both great cities in their own way.
  5. isetallmyregretsonfire said: Let’s all be nice! Both are great.
  6. mnsnotanice said: Besides Lake Superior, Canal Park, and UMD, what do you offer…….
  7. macmankev said: Ooooooh burrrrrrrrn
  8. thesubterranean said: word.
  9. h-dub said: i wonder if he knows there’s a duluth outside of umd and canal park
  10. callmemoprah said: Pretty sure that anon needs some ice…
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