The company that owns Combos, those little cheese filled cracker/pretzel snacks came out with a list of the fifty “Manliest” cities in America. Here is a list of the top ten cities.

1.Oklahoma City, OK (▲ 2 spots)
2.Columbia, SC (▲3 spots)
3.Memphis, TN (▲ 1 spot)
4.Nashville, TN (▼ 3 spots)
5.Birmingham, AL (▲ 2 spots)
6.Houston, TX (▲ 3 spots)
7.St. Louis, MO (▲ 3 spots)
8.Toledo, OH (▲ 4 spots)
9.Cleveland, OH (▼ 3 spots)
10.Charlotte, NC (▼ 8 spots)

Apparently the criteria for being a “Manly” city, included the amount of professional sports teams, popularity of power tools, number of steak houses, and frequency of monster truck rallies. Cities also lose ranking points for emasculating characteristics like the abundance of home furnishing stores, high minivan sales, nail salons or shopping boutiques, and subscription rates to beauty magazines.

Where did Minneapolis come in on this list? Way down at number forty.

40. Minneapolis, MN (▼ 4 spots)

So, because we don’t go to a lot of monster truck rallies, and have a high number of shopping boutiques, Minneapolis isn’t considered a “Manly” city?

I’m more than ok with this ranking then.

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    41. Seattle, WA (No change) POOR SEATTLE LOL
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    21. Jacksonville, FL (▲ 12 spots)
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    At first I was like “oh fuck yeah Oklahoma city has first place” and then I read the paragraph at the bottom and I...
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  6. kayotics said: what a terrible list, and i’d much rather be on the bottom of it than at the top
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  8. mightyflynn said: Real men don’t let other people decide what manliness means.
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  10. macmankev said: I do not miss all the ads on tv going “SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! MONSTER TRUCK RALLY AT THE METRODOME! BE THERE!!!!” And seeing most of the top ten cities are in the south, I think we’re fine.
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    Bitch, I’d rather look fabulous than go to a monster truck rally.
  12. chelsey1016 said: This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while.
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  17. dysfunctionarian said: Oh so sad we’re not on top of the white trash list :P
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    Yeah, because MEN can’t get manicures, or drive a vehicle fit for their family, or furnish their house, or go shopping...
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