Former Campus Radisson To Become Commons Hotel

Minneapolis will soon get a new hotel that its owners are describing as “industrial schoolhouse chic.”

Noble House Hotels and Resorts says the new Commons Hotel, scheduled to open in October, is inspired by its ties to the University of Minnesota and the industrial history of the Twin Cities.

Guests will be able to stay in a Geek Chic suite with personalized concierge service. Among other unusual amenities and events: an in-room art gallery, mixology lessons, beakers of local beer, Soduku sleep-ins, and a tech “time out.” Other opportunities to socialize will come in the form of a Harlequin Happy Hour, Weekly Words with Friends Wine Hour, and Retro Bar Bingo. Guests can hang out at a roaring fire pit in the front drive, by the fireplace, or at the library lounge in the lobby.

Even the most serious executives attending meetings at the hotel will be offered Jenga and spelling bee breaks and a Mad Scientist Break with “experimental” treats.

The hotel will offer guests off-campus diversions such as a geek to chic makeover at the Aveda Institute headquarters, a Science Buzz meeting at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and a tour of the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at the University of Minnesota.

Photo by StarTribune Story by USA Today

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