Went to Lions Tap this weekend

Made my first ever visit to Lions Tap in Eden Prairie over the weekend. If you’ve never been to Lions Tap, here’s the menu…hamburgers, french fries, pop & beer. That’s it. Don’t ask for a chicken sandwich, salad or dessert, they don’t serve that. I’ll say it again…hamburgers, french fries, pop & beer.

Lions Tap has been around forever and are quite famous for their hamburgers. I got the California Cheese with an order of their fries, and I will say it was a tasty little burger. The burger itself isn’t all that big, but it had good flavor and the price was fairly moderate. Not the greatest hamburger I’ve had, but if you have never been and are in the area, it is worth checking out.

Plus there is this awesome painting hanging in their dining room.

I could stare at it for hours.

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  4. midwestcargocult said: Yea! for Lions Tap, home of HCTC students and faculty! Yes, it is a most impressive artwork.
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    On of the few things I like about my hometown.
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    Oh God Lion’s Tap get in me. Every other city in the world is missing out on the flavorgasm that is Lion’s Tap.
  8. pencilthin said: Only good thing about Eden Prairie
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    disagree! Lion’s tap burgers...most delicious burgers my taste buds have ever encountered...
  11. bellezabella said: Oh my God how was that your first time? My brother went there for his birthday. So delicious. They even make a meatless burger for me.
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