It Was A Good Joke … Then SPIN Reported On It

Here are the two latest tweets from Har Mar Superstar…

I’m totally NOT in The Replacements, guys. I was just messing around. The joke got out of hand. Plus, I’m pretty crappy at guitar. Ha!

Apologies to @jesshopp and @SPINmagazine. I thought you were in on the joke. Oopsies.

Oh yeah, SPIN picked up the story this afternoon and put it on their website, and just recently changed the story…

Update: It never made much sense anyway

Har Mar Superstar won’t be playing guitar for the newly reformed Replacements. The elaborate prank (that got the better of us, at first) was reported on Thursday (June 20) by SPIN scribe Jessica Hopper, who tweeted, “Just confirmed it, he’s not joking: @HarMarSuperstar is the new guitar player in the re-united Replacements.” Soon after word got out, the Minnesota-bred songwriter posted the following tweet: “Heading into my first Mats rehearsal! Wish me luck. #ThisIsInsane”.

Hopper followed up her earlier update with a post on Facebook reading, “Well, that was a curious event. Sean was just punking me/you/us about joining the Replacements. Good thing no one wrote, like, news items about it.”

Not sure how your next album review will look on SPIN, but well played Har Mar, well played.

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