Pillsbury’s, The Father of Waters Pauses at Minneapolis (1910) by the Minnesota Historical Society

Apache Plaza (1976)

I scanned this from a newspaper magazine put out by the Sun Newspapers in August of 1976 that was celebrating the history of northeast Minneapolis (or “Nordeast” as that word appears in many of the ads by local businesses). This is an ad for the old Apache Plaza mall which unfortunately is gone and only exists in our memories now.

Some of the businesses listed…

Beer & Steer
Cheese House
House of Large Sizes
Scientific Computers
Form 1040
Shirt Hut
Mary & Me Inc.
Little Professor Book Store
County Seat
Queens Court School of Dance
Weight Watchers
Radio Shack

On April 26th, 1984 a tornado swept through the area and severely damaged the mall. Although repairs were made and the mall reopened, sluggish sales and empty stores followed for many years. Finally in April of 2004, the mall was torn down to make way for a “walkable community” called Silver Lake Village.

My one claim to fame to Apache Plaza is that many years ago during some some Saturday afternoon event at Apache, I had my picture taken in my Cub Scout uniform and that photo was put on the front page of the Northeaster newspaper. If I ever find that issue in my parents basement I’ll be sure to share it with you, it is pretty awesome.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Minnesota (1939)

First post of 2011 and I need to let you know we call this “Pop” here. It’s not “Soda” or “Coke”, it’s POP.

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