Young people roasting potatoes (?), night view. (1908)


Winter morning in Minneapolis. (1893) via Minnesota Historical Society

Senator Walter Mondale participates in a turnover taste test while visiting the headquarters of the Pillsbury Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (1965) via Minnesota Historical Society

Instructor and students viewing frog chart, Vocational High School, Minneapolis (1958) via Minnesota Historical Society

Two people chopping down a tree on the Minneapolis Auditorium roof in downtown Minneapolis with the Foshay tower in the background. (1946) via Minnesota Historical Society

Dancing to the band at King Solomon’s Mines, Minneapolis (1967) via Minnesota Historical Society

Worker painting horse on carousel, State Fair (1937) via Minnesota Historical Society

Mark E. Jensen, Untitled [man on street], c. 1970 by Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Pageant of the Civic Players of Minneapolis (1918) by Minneapolis Institute Of Arts

Babe Ruth during an August 1947 visit to Minnesota. via Minnesota Historical Society

This photo was taken on August 19, 1947, just nine months after an inoperable malignant tumor was found at the base of Ruth’s skull and neck. His Wikipedia page offers some insight into his condition and a possible reason for being in Minneapolis at this time…

Around this time, developments in chemotherapy offered some hope, and Ruth, who had not been told he had cancer out of his family’s fear he might do himself harm, was put on teropterin, a folic acid derivative, and may have been the first human subject. He showed dramatic improvement during the summer of 1947, so much so that his case was written up by his doctors, without using his name. He was able to travel around the country, doing promotional work for the Ford Motor Company on American Legion baseball.

Almost a year after this picture was taken, Babe Ruth would pass away on August 16, 1948 at the age of 53.