Baby Giraffe Born At Como Zoo

We are excited to welcome a new baby giraffe to our herd! Coming in to the world at 5 foot 8 inches and 130 pounds on Sunday, September 1, the baby is ready to stand tall & be introduced to her adoring fans on Sunday, September 8th.
She is the 5th calf born to mom, Clover and the 17th giraffe birth at Como in the last 20 years. Como’s current herd consists of Clover, Daisy, Skeeter (father) and the yet-to-be-named female.
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Como Zoo’s sea lion performs twice on Fourth of July

Sparky, a mainstay at the Como Zoo and Conservatory, usually performs one show daily. On weekends and holidays — including Thursday — she adds a second show to her routine. For the Fourth of July, she’ll perform at 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. The show is free.


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We Welcome A New Baby Saki Monkey!

We are now home to a brand new baby White-faced saki monkey. The baby was born Saturday, June 29th and is now on display with its parents in the primate building. Affectionately nicknamed “Green Bean” for the mother’s affinity for the food since giving birth, the baby looks healthy, alert, and is nursing regularly.

The sex of the monkey will be unknown until coloring in the face develops sometime between one and two months old, at which time a name for the baby will be chosen. While males are recognizable by their black body and white face, females retain the brownish-gray color with which they are born.

The typical gestation period for a Saki monkey is around 5 months and yields one baby. This is the 7th baby, but only the 6th pregnancy for the mother, 15 year old Patty; in 2005 she gave birth to twins. Patty is one of only a small handful of Saki Monkeys in captivity to give birth to twins. She and the father, 13 year old Milton, have been a pair at Como since 2003.

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Two Twin Cities Zoos Get “Cutest Baby Animals at U.S. Zoos” Acknowledgement From Travel and Leisure Magazine

Dmitri and Tamara, Amur Leopards, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley
Less than 40 Amur leopards exist in the wild, so the birth of two cubs in May 2012 was a boon not just for the Minnesota Zoo, but for the worldwide species too. Their mother, Polina, has raised the cubs since day one, and they’ve already developed distinct personalities: Tamara’s the spunky one, while Dmitri is a bit sassier.

Stella Gray, Athena, and Mariah, Arctic Foxes, Como Park Zoo, St. Paul, MN
Arctic foxes Aurora (mom) and Zephyr (dad) welcomed a litter of nine pups in March. Three—Stella Gray, Athena, and Mariah—still reside at the Como Park Zoo. They’re quick and feisty and love to scamper around their grassy habitat. They’ve also shown off their artistic prowess by creating colorful “paw paintings” for zoo auctions and TV segments

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Como’s Galapagos Tortoises Celebrate Their 20th Birthday In Style

Yes, I am completely aware Como Zoo is in St. Paul, but look at this handsome Galapagos Tortoise birthday bastard eating his special birthday cake.

Deal with it.

'Maul' on Mall?
Karen Hess, 15, 6332 70th Av. N., Brooklyn Park, a tour guide at Como Zoo, apparently had little fear of a 6-month-old Himalayan bear cub with which she played on the Northern States Power Co. plaza, just off the Nicollet Mall. The display of “South Seas animals” was set up as part of the festivities for the Minneapolis Aquatennial.

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