Went to Lions Tap this weekend

Made my first ever visit to Lions Tap in Eden Prairie over the weekend. If you’ve never been to Lions Tap, here’s the menu…hamburgers, french fries, pop & beer. That’s it. Don’t ask for a chicken sandwich, salad or dessert, they don’t serve that. I’ll say it again…hamburgers, french fries, pop & beer.

Lions Tap has been around forever and are quite famous for their hamburgers. I got the California Cheese with an order of their fries, and I will say it was a tasty little burger. The burger itself isn’t all that big, but it had good flavor and the price was fairly moderate. Not the greatest hamburger I’ve had, but if you have never been and are in the area, it is worth checking out.

Plus there is this awesome painting hanging in their dining room.

I could stare at it for hours.

Shelly Moen of Eden Prairie, MN returning home with her boys (1999)

Photo by the Minnesota Historical Society

Voting For Cities Closes On July 31, Top Ten Winners Announced August 2, 2011

Four Minnesota cities were named as “Top 100” places to live by RelocateAmerica recently, and the public now gets to vote on the which are the “Top 10” cities in America. Here is a list of the Minnesota cities nominated, with a small snippet of information on each one provided by the RelocateAmerica website.

Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota, is a vibrant, progressive city with a well educated populous, affordable housing, excellent schools, diverse neighborhoods, solid green initiatives, the nation’s best park and recreational system and an outstanding quality of life for its residents.

Plymouth has built a reputation as a quality community in which to live and work. Its lakes and rolling terrain provide the backdrop for a blend of well-planned residential, business and commercial-industrial areas. Citizens and community leaders have placed a high priority on establishing a first-rate park system, interconnecting trails and diverse recreation facilities. As the community has matured, the City has worked with citizens to permanently preserve natural open-spaces, nurture the arts and protect the environment.

Eden Prairie
The City of Eden Prairie boasts nearly 10,000 acres of land designated for
parks and open spaces. Nestled on the edge of the Minnesota River valley,
the City features miles of scenic views, dozens of parks and trails, and a
multitude of breathtaking lakes and beaches. The City of Eden Prairie
promotes environmentally conscious living and provides residents with
educational opportunities and information about living green. With thousands
of miles of parks, trails and open spaces, Eden Prairie is an ideal location
for nature appreciation.

The city of Rochester has been named one of the top three U.S. cities to live in by Money Magazine for the past five years and has received the star city award for economic development. Rochester has also been named an All-American city. Rochester has 60 city parks with over 2,500 acres, one private and five public golf courses, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a public beach, 23 outdoor tennis courts, one public and two private tennis clubs, and five fitness centers. Cultural activities include concerts, theater, art galleries, tours and museums.

Now we need to go to the RelocateAmerica website and vote Minnesotan! I know there are those of us who live in certain parts of the Twin Cities who may be mad our city (Robbinsdale, St.Paul, anywhere in Anoka County) wasn’t nominated, but we must band together as Minnesotans, put your votes in for our beloved North Star State, and stand together united! Need I remind you that this is a Top Ten List? We love being mentioned on these things, so just go and vote.

One last thing, Portland, Oregon is also on this list. There is no reason they should even be mentioned, but once again we must suit up for battle against our Top Ten List foe.

And for your enjoyment, this is apparently the most popular joke ever about Portland…

A newcomer to Portland arrives on a rainy day. She gets up the next day and it’s raining. It also rains the day after that, and the day after that. She goes out to lunch and sees a young kid and, out of despair, asks, ”Hey, kid, does it ever stop raining around here?” The kid says, ”How should I know? I’m only 8.’”

We can’t let a city that never gets sunshine win.