I’m going on vacation, what does this mean for you?

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving the great state of Minnesota, and my home base of the Twin Cities, to travel to South Dakota for a little family vacation.

So what will I be posting for the next ten days? Because I won’t be posting any “fresh” content, I’m going to pull the ol’ “Best Of” trick out of my hat, and I’m going the musical route. I have one song a day in the queue set to post each morning. These are all songs that I have posted before, and of course, they are all about Minneapolis or by Minneapolitans/Minnesotans. So, hope you enjoy all of that.

What does this mean for South Dakota?
1. If at the hotel bar, when I ask about what craft beers are available and the server looks confused and says “We have Budweiser”…Imma be pissed. (this happened last year)
2. When I get to Mount Rushmore, if you don’t have some animatronics set up for the Presidents to mouth the Four Peters song from Family Guy like in this video…Imma be pissed.

Anyways, get ready South Dakota, cuz I’m going to be DEEP INSIDE OF YOU FOR TEN DAYS, think you can handle that?

Alright you guys, be good, I’ll see you when I get back.


Video credit: Family Guy - Four Peters by nbfn69