Mall of America closes on financing for expansion

The Mall of America confirmed Monday that it has closed on the financing for its upcoming Phase 1C expansion project, paving the way for groundbreaking to occur later this month.

The $250 million expansion — located on the north side of the existing mall — will include 342-room JW Marriott luxury hotel, the MOA Crossing office building, 150,000 square feet of upscale retail, a new dining area and an underground parking ramp.

Mall of America officials have been targeting a fall 2015 opening.

via Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

Missing Person - Twin Cities

Got an email asking if we could help spread the word about Ger Vang, who has gone missing. Spread the word you guys, this is what we do.

Ger Vang a bubbly vibrant young girl has been missing since Friday, July 20, 2013. She was last seen by a co-worker as her shift ended at 11:30pm at Mall of America. Her friends and family has been trying to reach her on her cell phone in hopes of a safe return. However, it’s been days without a single phone call from Vang and she hasn’t been to work according to her employers.


Teens banned from shopping alone on Black Friday at Mall of America

(Photo: Mall of America)

Do you drop your kids off at the mall for a little post Turkey Day shopping or take them with you but let them go off on their own to browse the holiday sales?

One reported dead when truck hits span in Mall of America parking ramp

At least one person was killed Friday night when a small truck struck a concrete span in the parking lot at the Mall of America parking lot, causing the span to collapse, Bloomington police said.

The narrow rectangular span collapsed when it was struck by a U-Haul truck, police said. The span fell on the front of the truck. One person was being extracted from the vehicle at about 9 p.m.

Bloomington police and fire personnel responded to the report from the fourth floor of the parking lot near Nordstrom’s at about 8:30 p.m.

The incident appeared to be an accident and not intentional, police said.

Photo by David Bjorn Olson story update by StarTribune

Mall of America Parking Ramp Collapse via dabbyswen

Breaking News: Part Of Parking Ramp Collapses At MOA

Mall of America parking ramp partially collapsed Friday evening and fell on a truck.

Images of the collapse show a piece of the parking ramp atop a U-Haul truck. Bloomington police said someone, with some relation to the truck, has suffered injuries. The extent of the injuries is not known.

The collapse happened near Nordstroms.

This story will be updated.

via WCCO

Trying to make sense of the eight million square foot capitalist fever dream that is the Mall of America has been a favorite of locals since it opened in 1992. What do we do with such a place? What does it say about Minnesota? Is the MOA something to be proud of and awed by, or something to be ashamed of? Andy Sturdevant, who will admit to never liking the Mall very much, will lead a sympathetic, in-depth tour of the MOA’s history, inner workings, secret highlights, notable attractions, and complex, enduring influence on the state’s self-image.

Tour on foot and via light rail - participants must bring money for their fare
All tours will depart from the Common Room sign at The Soap Factory’s front dock at precisely 6:30 p.m.

I will be here tonight, and the cool thing is I gave Andy Sturdevant a tour of the mall last week. Little known fact: he helped launch Stuff about Minneapolis over three years ago with my first reblogged post, and a cheery note of, “Follow this guy!”.

If you don’t take the train and are driving down to the mall, it sounds like we will be meeting on the fourth floor by the MOA Wall Of Fame around 7:15-7:30.

Hastily taken cell phone pic of a lady pushing her two dogs in a baby stroller at Mall Of America today.

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Things Remembered, Mall of America

Cheers To The Best Dad Anyone Could Ask For

Ah yes, Father’s Day. The one day a year we playfully acknowledge Dad’s underlying battle with booze.

(I was moving jerseys between our stores, that’s why you you see a ghostly Mauer image on this crappy cell phone picture)

Happy Father’s Day, you guys.

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  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Focal Length: 4mm

British boyband supergroup One Direction were at MoA today.

There were A LOT of teenage girls there.


  1. Camera: LG Electronics LG-E739
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Focal Length: 4mm