Rembrandt show opens this weekend in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts will open its “Rembrandt in America” show on Sunday. The exhibit is the largest show of paintings by the 17th century Dutch master ever assembled in the United States.

MIA President Kaywin Feldman calls the 17th century Dutch master the greatest artist who ever lived. “I’d say his paintings are phenomenal because of the way that he captures human emotion,” Feldman says. “You can’t look at any of the portraits in the show without feeling like you have a sense of the person speaking to you in the canvas.”

"It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Feldman says. "The last time the MIA had an exhibition like this was 50 years ago, so there won’t be another one for perhaps many, many generations. And so people just have to come and see the genius firsthand, and it really is overwhelming."

via Minnesota Public Radio

“Dwarfed by artwork at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.” by Steve Stenzel

Rembrandt’s Lucretia, Minneapolis Institute Of Art (1966)

Photograph by Jerome Liebling for the book The Face Of Minneapolis