Knots - Jeremy Messersmith

Love, love, love this song..

Lucky Today- Cloud Cult

You guys, don’t forget Cloud Cult is from Minnesota.


Album Art

Jungle Love - The Time

Played 180 times.
Anonymous Asked
QuestionWhat about St. Paul. you got love for my people? Answer

I love St. Paul, I lived on West 7th for about a year! (back in the day)

The Trashmen - Surfin Bird

Don’t deny this song, Minnesota. THIS is your music history.

Husker Du - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill


Virginia - The Silver City

The Replacements: Alex Chilton

Husker Du - “Love Is All Around”


Miracles - Jeremey Messersmith

Well I come around every now again
And the lights are low in the flickering
There’s a bit of paper torn to pieces on the floor
It’s a lonely place cause no one comes here anymore