New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter hit a single in the third inning of the MLB All Star Game.


2014 All-Star Game by Charles Fazzino


These 31 bars will be open late for the MLB All-Star Game

These 31 bars and adult venues have a special license to stay open until 4 a.m. on the last day of MLB All-Star Game festivities in anticipation of a baseball-fueled blitz of nighttime business.

The Minnesota Legislature gave the bars (and adult venues, denoted with an *) a special dispensation. The extended hours only apply from noon on July 15 to the wee hours of July 16.

The 508 Bar & Restaurant—508 First Ave. N.
Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge Skybar—700 Hennepin Ave.
Aqua Nightclub—400 First Ave. N.
Augie’s Cabaret*— 424 Hennepin Ave.
Bar Fly—711 Hennepin Ave.
Brother’s Bar & Grill—430 First Ave. N.
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre—824 Hennepin Ave.
The Capital Grille—801 Hennepin Ave.
Cowboy Jacks—126 Fifth St. N.
Club New York—10 Fifth St. S.
Devil’s Advocate—89 10th St. S.
Downtown Cabaret*—115 Fourth St. S.
The Executive Lounge*—418 Third Ave. N.
Firelake Grill House—31 Seventh St. S.
First Avenue—701 First Ave. N.
The Grand Hotel—615 Second Ave. S.
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis—1300 Nicollet Mall
Hubert’s Sports Bar—600 First Ave. N.
Kieran’s Irish Pub—85 Sixth St. N.
The Local—931 Nicollet Mall
The Loon Cafe—500 First Ave. N.
Marin Restaurant & Bar—901 Hennepin Ave.
Millenium Hotel—1313 Nicollet Mall
The Pourhouse—10 Fifth St. S.
Rick’s Cabaret*—300 Third St. S.
The Seville Club*—15 Glenwood Ave.
The Shout House—650 Hennepin Ave.
Solera Restaurant & Event Center—900 Hennepin Ave.
Spades Nightclub—322 First Ave. N.
Uncle Bucks—26 Fifth St. N.


Babe Ruth during an August 1947 visit to Minnesota. via Minnesota Historical Society

This photo was taken on August 19, 1947, just nine months after an inoperable malignant tumor was found at the base of Ruth’s skull and neck. His Wikipedia page offers some insight into his condition and a possible reason for being in Minneapolis at this time…

Around this time, developments in chemotherapy offered some hope, and Ruth, who had not been told he had cancer out of his family’s fear he might do himself harm, was put on teropterin, a folic acid derivative, and may have been the first human subject. He showed dramatic improvement during the summer of 1947, so much so that his case was written up by his doctors, without using his name. He was able to travel around the country, doing promotional work for the Ford Motor Company on American Legion baseball.

Almost a year after this picture was taken, Babe Ruth would pass away on August 16, 1948 at the age of 53.

Twins-Angels pregame: Mauer leaves Twins to join twins

BREAKING NEWS: Twins catcher Joe Mauer was scratched from Tuesday night’s lineup so he could return to the Twin Cities to be with his wife, Maddie, who has gone into labor with the couple’s twins.

The Angels are probably relieved. Mauer is 11-for-14 against them this season, including three hits Monday night.

In what could be a related move, Oswaldo Arcia was removed from the game at Class AAA Rochester in the third inning Tuesday night. He could replace Mauer, who will be away indefinitely on paternity leave.

The Minnesota version of “Royal Baby Watch” has begun!

story via StarTribune, photo via FSN North

Minneapolis Miller’s baseball team players (Ted Williams is the second player from the left) hanging out in the clubhouse before a game. (1938) via Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota Twins Prospects Learn English by Singing Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey via TwinCities.Com

The Master - At his peak, Joe Mauer is ignoring his critics and enjoying these sweet years

Joe Mauer is one of America’s last remaining geographical oddities — the Midwestern stoic. He encompasses what an entire state believes to be its best attributes: humility, loyalty, self-deprecation, drive and conscientiousness. And yes, more than a fair measure of blandness. “You’ll find that I’m really boring,” Mauer said in mid-June. “I’m not as cool as I’m supposed to be.” He is the Midwestern ideal sprung to life, as reliable as summer corn, with an image as square as his sideburns. His locker, home or away, looks like the hotel closet of a businessman on an overnight stay: shirt, pants and shoes. Other guys have family photos, food, books, even women’s thongs strung across the backs of their chairs, but Mauer has nothing remotely personal.

He is so tied to Minnesota and its monochromatic idiosyncrasies that the distinction between Minneapolis and St. Paul is a cultural gulf for him. When Joe made the big leagues as a 20-year-old in 2004 and enlisted a friend to help him find a place to live, Joe’s father, Jake, asked, “Where are you looking?”

"St. Paul," Joe responded. "And a few places in Minneapolis."

Jake Mauer got quiet.

"Remember, you’re a St. Paul boy," he said in a fatherly tone.

Joe chose St. Paul, the less glamorous, remember-where-you-came-from city. Locals say you date Minneapolis but marry St. Paul.

"My dad was joking," Joe says. "Well, maybe half-joking."

via ESPN

“Not a bad view from the 3rd base photo well in the sixth inning tonight.” by bracehemi

Minnesota Twins Baseball Print by Amy Nelson

The 2012 season starts today against Baltimore!

And yeah, we didn’t win the 1965 World Series, still a great looking print.