Sweet Taste of Sin performing at the Jet-Away Club (1985)

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Your Glass House - Atmosphere

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game concert featuring Atmosphere and Imagine Dragons in TCF Stadium starts at 7:30 tonight!

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Elvis Costello, Minneapolis (1978)

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Babes In Toyland Reunion Is On

Minneapolis punks Babes In Toyland, significant players in the early ’90s alternative rock boom, haven’t played a show since 2001, and they haven’t released an album since 1995′s Nemesisters. But they’ve been a frequent name-drop lately, particularly in White Lung reviews (including our own). The timing seems right for a reunion, and a reunion is what we’re getting. In an interview with Lancer Radio at Pasadena College yesterday, Kat Bjelland and Maureen Herman confirmed that they’re getting back together to write new material and play shows.

They expect the first gig to be a benefit for Lady Parts Justice in Minneapolis, but no date has been specified yet.

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Stay Positive - Hold Steady

This has never really been a “personal” blog, and I’ve posted this song before, but, my Dad passed away yesterday. And even though like a lot of people our relationship wasn’t perfect, at the end of the day, he was still my Pops.

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Minnesota Sun - 99ers

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Prince watched Rafael Nadal at the French Open while holding a scepter

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Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - Husker Du

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The Replacements Midway poster inspired by classic Twins logo

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Can’t Even Dance - Têtes Noires

Here’s some music to go with the photo/post I just did of the band.

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