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Can’t Even Dance - Têtes Noires

Here’s some music to go with the photo/post I just did of the band.

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Minneapolis Music Flashback Friday - Têtes Noires

Têtes Noires was the first all-female rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, best known for their “casually mocking” feminist lyrics and for three- and sometimes up to six-part vocal harmonies. Founded by former Miss South Dakota Jennifer Holt, they gave concerts from 1983 until about 1987, and recorded three albums which received positive reviews nationally. As Susan Borey wrote for Spin, the name means “black heads” in French, which they used to describe their hair color (like birds and not a complexion problem).

(Source: Wikipedia)

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Minnesota is the New California - The Sota Boys

Go outside and enjoy the warm sun today, my friends.

We’ve earned it.

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#1 Is Number Two - Soviettes

This is for my Anon question…

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Home For A Rest - Wild Colonial Bhoys

This is the official St. Paddy’s Day jam at Stuff about Minneapolis.


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Elvis Presley concert at the Minneapolis Auditorium, Elvis and man backstage (1956) via Minnesota Historical Society

Elvis Presley concert at the Minneapolis Auditorium, Elvis and man backstage (1956) via Minnesota Historical Society

Atmosphere - Bitter (Audio) via Rhymesayers Entertainment

Anonymous Asked
Questionyou just posted a jeremy messersmith song tonight, did he give you permission? Answer

Well, no. But unlike Prince, he doesn’t seem like a dick about this sort of stuff.

(If you don’t hear from me after this post, and maybe my body is found in a shallow grave off 35E, go to Paisley Park and start asking the tough questions about my disappearance, you guys)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHey Mr. Minneapolis, you don't post many Prince songs, just saying. Answer

Ha! It’s true, but I have a good reason. A few months ago I got this email from Tumblr…

We’ve received a notification of alleged copyright infringement against one of your blogs, sent to us by Jeremy Banks (IFPI, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), related to audio recordings by Prince.

(blah, blah, blah)

Also, please keep in mind that Tumblr has a strict policy against repeat copyright infringement. Should you be subject to repeat uncontested copyright infringement notifications, your Tumblr account may be terminated.

So, what did I learn from this? If you purchase a Prince song on Amazon, that doesn’t mean you have permission to post it, so I deleted all posts with Prince audio tracks.

The bottom line? PRINCE DON’T PLAY.

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Steve - Jeremy Messersmith

She hurt you so bad
You told me you wanted to die
Steve, I’m your best friend
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t try

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