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QuestionWhat about St. Paul. you got love for my people? Answer

I love St. Paul, I lived on West 7th for about a year! (back in the day)

Questionwhats your favorite thing to do in the twin cities during fall? Answer

Walking around the river with the trees hanging low and the leaves changing colors. So, you can probably find me at North Mississippi Regional Park.

QuestionHey, my girlfriend and I are planning to move to Minneapolis in March. Wondering if you can recommend decent, affordable neighborhoods for a couple of poor people who just graduated college looking for a 1-2 bedroom apartment/duplex/house, or good websites to search on. Also, pet friendly buildings (we have a pitbull)! Thank you for your help! Answer

It all depends on why you are moving to the cities. Is it work? School? That information can help us nail down a specific location for you. If anyone knows of any dog friendly places, you can chime in now…

QuestionHey, I want to take out a friend of mine who has been here for the summer. But also, I am broke. What are some free/cheap/easy to sneak into things to do? (Besides movie/music in the park, super fun, but been there done that) Answer

You want free/”easy to sneak into” places?

That tells me you want great places to walk around. Am I right?! Probably not, but here we go…

Como Zoo and the Conservatory are always awesome, and free.

MInnehaha Falls

North Mississippi Regional Park

I was just at and thought that was pretty good..

Uh…I don’t know. Throw rocks off the Lowry Avenue Bridge?

QuestionWhat do you even do? Answer

I try to spread Minnesota love, brother.

Spread. It. Wide.

QuestionHello, My name is Jason. I've been in the Marine Corps for the past 5 years. I will be coming back to MN in a couple weeks for good. I'm looking to plug into local events and music business. My first order of business is to find blogs and such that will give me a good idea of what's going on. Do you have any recommendations besides your own blog? Answer

Hi Jason!

Check out these blogs for ideas around town:

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QuestionIs this copyrighted? Can I put a pic in a book about my Aunt Frances Ford, who was born in 1893 in Minneapolis? Dianne Answer

Well…to be honest, I have no idea what post are you talking about.

Here, do this, email me……



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QuestionThis has probably been asked before but I'm moving down from the Northland and wondering about apartments. Would anyone know any places/areas that you'd suggest? looking for a 1 bedroom under $800. I know it's last minute searching but just somewhere that's a nice neighborhood, easy to bike to things etc. Anyone know of anything or suggestions feel free to message me about it too! Answer

Does this move correspond with a work/school situation? Location is key, and makes it easier to give recommendations.  

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QuestionYou reblogged a picture recently titled "Somali Girls In Minneapolis", why did you feel the need to point out the ethnicity of the women in the picture? You should just accept people as people. Answer

Oh shit. * looks around* You talking to me, son?

Wait, wait, wait… here is the post in question…

First off, I don’t post/reblog many “people” pictures on my blog, so, if I do reblog a random photo of people, there should be some context. Right? Did you even bother to check out the original post? Probably not.

The woman who posted this photo, just recently added the title of “My Girls” to the pic. Now when I reblogged it, there was no “title” on the photo, but I just saw a wonderful picture of a group of girls smiling in Minneapolis. And I loved it.

My “title” on the photo came off the tags this young woman added to her photo. What were they?

Somali Girls



So I reblogged this as “Somali Girls in Minneapolis”. I left out the “beautiful” part, because that would have come off as creepy as Hell on my end.

I used the photographer’s tags as my title, and guess what? This wonderful photo has over 360 notes right now.

Quit trying to stir up issues that don’t exist. 

- Paul

QuestionI love you.. Was that too straight forward? Anyways I just want to express how badass I felt Minneapolis was today. I was on my daily commute on lake to Sunrise Cyclery when I see about 300 people at the lake calhoun docks for like no reason except their own. Then well driving down further I see 3 guys on custom bikes, pink, blue, green, neon tires. And then I see a dude outside Bill's Market with a pinkish white mohawk. Passed by Bryant Lake bowl and saw a 1940's Buick. I love this city.. Answer

Well, thank you. It feels good to be loved.

Ride on brother, ride on.