QuestionLove you blog! I've lived in the cities for just over 7 years now. I feel like I've been everywhere; done everything. I need some suggestions for things to do, places to go and people to meet. Thanks in advance!! Answer

Well, thanks!

Go to Nye’s, order a shot of Jagermeister, and chow down on some some Pierogies.

That’s all I’ve got.

QuestionAnd to the person complaining their blucy was dry/over cooked/salty: you should say something next time! I know most of the staff and both owners there, and know they would totally have made things up to you for that! Answer

Real talk happening here, right now.

Juicy Lucy and/or Jucy Lucy. Say something if you aren’t happy, folks.

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QuestionOK, if Minneapolis was a mix tape, what would be the first and last song? Answer


"The Ledge" by the Replacements.

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QuestionI'm a dude who has moved to MN and back to Atlanta and back to MN and back to Atlanta, and I'm moving back to MN soon. Your posts are such a good reminder of why I got to get back. That place just gets in your blood, into your soul. Thanks man, I really dig your blog. Love, a homesick MN brother. Answer

This “question” is truth, and brought a tear to my eye.

Much love to you, my Atlanta brother.

QuestionI am moving to Minnesota in two weeks from STL. Any advice/must do's? Answer

Chug a Surly Furious, and kiss someone at the Spoonbrige and Cherry at midnight.

I stand by these words.

QuestionI moved to California for school and keeping tabs on your blog makes me feel so much closer to home Kisses! Answer

All we do is love in Minnesota, never forget where you came from, kiddo.

QuestionHow does the new Blue Door compare to the old one? Answer

Anyone have any opinions? I’ve been to both, not swayed either way.

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QuestionWhat music are you listening to right now? Answer

This is a solid question, and I am listening to something right now. Hold on, this next post is for you…(uploads audio track to Tumblr, hopes to not get sued).

QuestionThat fountain over on Hiawatha by that McDonald's and Burger King. The one that lights up. Pretty cool, huh? Answer

My Nordeast/Northside life is going to show through on this answer…

I have no idea what you speak of.

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Questionhave you ever met prince? Answer

You talking about the Purple Rain guy, THE Prince Rogers Nelson?


But I did get a DMCA violation notice from his record label a few months ago.

So yeah, we have never met, but you could say we are besties.