This is my “Oh good, it’s snowing again and the temperature is dropping” Friday selfie.

If you haven’t heard, Monday & Tuesday will be brutally cold again, with a high on Monday of -12. Schools in Rochester, Minnesota have already announced they will be closed on Monday, so I imagine the metro schools will follow suit.

If it happens (which it probably will), enjoy your extra day off of school, you guys.

  1. Camera: Samsung SM-N900T
  2. Aperture: f/2.45
  3. Focal Length: 1mm

Lost Dog “Bonnie”, Robbinsdale/North Mpls

My friend’s dog Bonnie just got out the front door last night when someone was helping her move into her new place on the border of Robbinsdale/N Mpls. Please please keep and eye out and call immediately if you see her. 612 644 6789 her name is Bonnie and she is spayed. her owner has contacted every shelter and filed many missing dog reports and she is microchipped, but with this weather we have to use every method available to get her back asap!

via I Am North Mpls Facebook Page

UPDATE: Good news, Bonnie was found tonight!

Lost/Found Cat Flyers

Springtime in the cities, and people seem to be losing and finding cats left and right. These flyers were seen a couple of blocks apart from each other in Robbinsdale. (doesn’t appear to be a match though)

Keep an eye on your kitties, folks!

Depending on where you live in the Twin Cities, snow totals varied but stayed somewhat low, and because of the rain that was mixed in, most people saw a heavy, wet, sloppy mess this morning.

I don’t claim for this to be a great picture at all. But as a Minnesotan in this digital age, it is my God-given right to take crappy pictures after a snowfall, and post them on the internet.

This is what we do.

  1. Camera: Motorola MB501
QuestionI drove through Robbinsdale yesterday! Answer

Sorry to hear that.

Just got home from work and I gotta shovel in the dark.
You think I’m scared Minnesota?


Let’s do this.

  1. Camera: Motorola MB501

Pump N Munch - Robbinsdale

Two blocks from my house and it is the pride of the neighborhood. I even did you guys a solid and posted the user reviews from Yelp Minneapolis just to prove it.

This has to be the ghetto-est gas station around the immediate area. The service is friendly, and the guy who owns the place’s wife is a bit of eyecandy for your shopping convenience, haha. All in all it looks like a spiffed up bodega, but its one of the only places besides the neighboring Hometown Market that always has my Black n Mild Woodtips in stock at all times… Quite often though they are out of gasoline, which leaves me to ask…. How does a C-store run out of gas… hmm… All in all I’d give this place 2 stars but they are always in stock with black n milds and the name is just epic. Not to mention the lil generic mario guy they have on their store sign. Awesome.

Dirty, ghetto, frequently out of gas. Don’t go here unless you have to.

Hands down, the greatest gas station name EVER. I never even got gas here.

I always though you were supposed to Munch before you Pump?? I giggle every time I drive by.

  1. Camera: Motorola MB501

Keep an eye out for Baily the Beagle folks. Last seen by Cub Foods near Hwy 100 and 36th Ave N in Crystal/Robbinsdale.

  1. Camera: Motorola MB501

October in Minnesota

This is what I saw when I got in my car this morning. I had to get the ice scraper out of the trunk and chip it off just so I could drive to work.

It has begun.

  1. Camera: Motorola MB501

The Lipstick Car

Spotted in Robbinsdale.