The first public pool of its kind is coming to Minneapolis next summer, combining a pool and lake into one. It is called a “natural” pool because it does not use any chemicals to keep clean.

The pool will open at Webber Park on the City’s North Side.

"A lot of families gather here so to have that lake experience for the families, for the residents of North Minneapolis, it will be a great amenity," said Cliff Swenson, Director of Design and Project Management for the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

The water will be cleaned by circulating through a wetland-like pond next to the pool.

"All the excess nutrients and things are picked up by those plant materials, good bacteria is allowed to grow or foster and then eating the bad bacteria," Swenson said.

The 23,000 square foot pool will be filled with well-water. The design includes plans for a lap-swim area, beach and cliff-jump. Unlike other public pools, the Webber pool will be held up to lake standards for water-quality.

"We’ll monitor, we’ll test this 2 to 3 times a week," Swenson said.

Dozens of natural public pools have been built in Europe and around the world. Construction on the Webber pool is expected to start in Spring 2013 with an opening at the end of the summer. Swenson says it should be in full operation by spring or summer of 2014.

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Three women in bathing suits playing around on a scale. (1940) by the Minnesota Historical Society

Unless You Want To!

Saw this today at Water Power Park.

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Cooke Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Located at 1900 University Avenue Southeast, Built in 1934.