Marilyn Monroe, Actress, May 6th, 1957 by Richard Avedon

Part of the permanent collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, you can find their tumblr here:


Hi guys.

Just thought I’d do a dull text post about FAQ’s I get, and some thoughts on Tumblr. (BTW, I tend to work in BOLD and italics when I answer my “own” questions, so bear with me.

What is the most common question put in your ask box?
"Where in the Minneapolis area should I move to", and "What areas should I avoid" are the most commonly asked questions, and toughest to answer. If you plan to move to Minneapolis, you must be coming here for school or work, give me that info, and I can better tell you on good places to check out. As far as "bad" places to avoid goes, Minneapolis is no different than any other big city, be aware of your surroundings and walk with friends when possible. Don’t read this wrong, things are quite a bit safer here than other similarly sized cities, but common sense and awareness still prevail.

What makes you reblog any particular picture?
As you may have noticed over the past five years, I don’t post or reblog a ton of stuff on here. I usually reblog a certain picture because it catches my eye in some way. Either it’s color, subject matter, or my general mood for the day determine what I reblog.

You reblog my pictures on Neighborhoodr, but not Stuff about Minneapolis, why is that?
Like I said, Stuff about Minneapolis reblogs are items that catch my eye for whatever reason. I’ve ramped up posts on the Minneapolis Neighborhoodr site for things that I think are cool and informative, and help local Tubmlr folks discover each other.

Do you scroll through Tumblr each day looking for stuff to reblog?
Nope. Honestly, I mainly search tracked tags. So if your post isn’t tagged #minneapolis #minnesota #twin cities I’ll probably miss them.

But I live in the inner ring/outlying suburbs of the Twin Cities, should I tag my photos with #minneapols as well?
Absolutely. No one in the Twin Cities, or America for that matter, is searching Tumblr for “Hopkins”, “Shakopee” or “Champlin”. We have to start thinking of the Twin Cities as one solid dynamic region. Look, everyone here locally understands a post tagged with #robbinsdale, #st.louispark, or #richfield AND tagged with “Minneapolis” know you are really telling people, “Hey, Minneapolis is only like 55 square miles, and I live right by there”. And for those that get butthurt over your use of those tags? The hell with them. We are the Twin Cities, strong and proud, one and all.

Would you ever include “stuff” about the St. Paul area on your blog?
I am thinking about it. There are some cool photos and such about the St. Paul half of the metro on Tumblr I’ve thought about sharing. And if I do so, it is my choice. And no, I wouldn’t change my name to “Stuff about the Twin Cities” if I decide to do that.

Do you like getting questions in your ask box?
I do, but questions that aren’t anonymous get first priority. AND, I only answer those every so often. Have a question? Ask away…

Any plans soon for a local Tumblr meetup?
I would like to throw something together, but the only place in the Twin Cities that I have *any* pull at, would be Tootie’s on Lowry bar on the northside. It’s not a hipster southside or nordeast bar, but they kinda have a back room area, and I’m there enough that I could maybe pull something together.

Thanks for listening, continue on with your regularly scheduled scrolling.

- Paul

Alright you guys, here is the list, check out these fine folk and maybe give them a follow. Oh, and here’s a cool quote about photography as well…

As I have practiced it, photography produces pleasure by simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera. A picture is produced. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs.
Sam Abell

Still putting together the list for Minnesota photographers, if you emailed me or made a comment on my last post about it, you are included.

I still plan to post this on Wednesday the 27th, so if you haven’t heard from me or want to be included, send me (Paul) an email at, to be added to the list.

Last call, you guys.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionSo you put out these lists for likes and reblogs,is it even worth it for people to reply? Seriously, for real, how many followers do you have? Answer

Oh wow. Hi Anonymous, you sit, I’ll stand. First of all, I get it that a lot of people use some form of social media for validation in their lives through likes or reblogs.This is understandable, everybody gets a little rush when they post or tweet something and it gets “liked”. Me? That’s not my game. I post/share/create things that I think other people will find interesting. If it gets 1 note, or 500, my demeanor stays the same, and if you are using social media to get popular, you’re living life wrong. Furthermore, I believe in boosting people up, if that means posting about a talented individual or business who has a Tumblr in Minnesota, I’ll do it, because it lifts all of Minnesota up.

You think I post stuff on Tumblr for likes and validation as a person? Nah son, my confidence is as tall as Paul Bunyan.

As far as the number of followers I have?
A gentleman never asks, a lady never tells.

*drops mic, frolics off like Laura Ingalls Wilder in the closing credits of Little House On The Prairie*

I just recently posted the 2013 Minnesota Tumblr List, which showcased the “official” local Minnesota brands who have a Tumblr. But I started thinking, Tumblr is such a visual medium and we reblog great photos all the time, that I want to make a list of all the photographers in Minnesota who use their Tumblr blog to share their talents with other people.

So here is the official call for local photographers to be included in the upcoming “Minnesota Photography Tumblr List!” (the name is a little clunky, but we’ll figure that out)

(Possible) FAQS:

I want to be included on this list, what do I have to do to be added?
First, you need to be a Minnesotan who primarily uses their Tumblr blog for photography. Second, make a comment on this post, or email me (Paul)

I share a lot of my own photos on Tumblr, but also reblog a crap ton of Doctor Who gifs, can I still be included?
Yes…but I or anyone else should be able to land on your blog and see you use it to share the photos you have taken.

Paul, you already follow me on Tumblr, and have reblogged me 1/5/50 times, I don’t need to remind you to put me on the list, do I?
Yeah, you do.

Last June I took a picture of my buddies in front of Sneaky Pete’s downtown while they were flashing “The Shocker” sign, that makes me a photographer that can be added to your list, right?

I like photography as a hobby, and have my own photos on my Tumblr, but am worried this is only for “professional” photographers and won’t be good enough.
Wrong answer, this list will include “pros” and hobbyists alike. If you enjoy taking pictures, and that is what you post on your Tumblr, you can be included.

I haven’t left my apartment/dorm in three months, but my Tumblr has over one-hundred selfies of me smiling in the bathroom mirror, those are Minnesota photographs I have taken, so I can be added to this list with no problem, right?
Not a chance.

Do my photos all have to be of Minneapolis/Spoonbridge and Cherry, or can my nature/portrait/Duluth pictures be included?
Doesn’t have to be just Minneapolis, if you are a Minnesotan/take all your own pictures you can be included on the list.

Are you going to put blogs on the list into categories like nature/portrait/city life/etc?
This is the main question I am facing, not sure how that will break down yet.

So, is this just your chance to play God and make a list to decide who is worthy enough to be included?
Not at all. If you want to make your own Minnesota photographers list that is all-encompassing and kicks the crap out of mine, go right ahead.

When will you post it?
The day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday November 27.

You realize you’ve opened up a Pandora’s box on this, don’t you?
Yeah, but let’s have some fun and roll with it.

Here it is, your 2013 Minnesota Tumblr List …


Professional Sports










I’ve gotten some good responses for the 2013 Minnesota Tumblr List (because I’m updating the 2012 list).

This is last call for any local bands/musicians, bars, community groups, businesses, etc, that have a Tumblr, and want to be added to the list. Send me an email to get your name added, or know of a group I should add.

I’m hoping to have the updated list out on Monday.

Also, if you want to be added as a contributing member of the Minneapolis Neighborhoodr blog send me your email & tumblr name, and I’ll add you on. It’s been around for a couple years, and has almost 500 followers, I just figure it’s time to crack it open, and let everyone post some Minneapolis stuff.

Alright guys, good talk.

It’s been over a year since I last made The Great Minnesota Tumblr List so I think it’s time we updated it.

If you know of a Minnesota band/bar/restaurant/theater/business/community group/etc that has a tumblr, but is not on this list, let me know, I’m hoping to have a new list ready in the next couple of weeks.

Also, if you are a local organization that has been thinking about creating a Tumblr presence but have been putting it off, now would be the time to start one so I can get you listed as well.

And, are there any groups who you think should have a tumblr but don’t? Breweries/Music Venues/Museums/etc.

Leave answers in the notes, or send me (Paul) an email at

Thanks all!

The Nasty Bits book signed by Anthony Bourdain

Stood in line for a meet and greet after the Bourdain and Zimmern performance at the State Theatre last night. Had my slip filled out for the book signing, snaked my way through the line, and handed it to Anthony Bourdain when I got to the table. He looked at my slip and said “Who am I making this out to?”. I smiled like the fanboy that I am, “Oh, Stuff about Minneapolis” I said, “that’s my tumblr blog name.”

A quick, pained wince came over his eyes as he signed my book.

What did we learn from that, you guys?

Anthony Bourdain does not give a shit what your tumblr is called.

  1. Camera: LG Electronics LG-E739
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Focal Length: 4mm