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Can’t Even Dance - Têtes Noires

Here’s some music to go with the photo/post I just did of the band.

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Minneapolis Music Flashback Friday - Têtes Noires

Têtes Noires was the first all-female rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, best known for their “casually mocking” feminist lyrics and for three- and sometimes up to six-part vocal harmonies. Founded by former Miss South Dakota Jennifer Holt, they gave concerts from 1983 until about 1987, and recorded three albums which received positive reviews nationally. As Susan Borey wrote for Spin, the name means “black heads” in French, which they used to describe their hair color (like birds and not a complexion problem).

(Source: Wikipedia)

What happened in Dinkytown last night after the Gophers lost the National Championship?


I’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful.

via Rand Ball’s Stu and Aschenncc.

Minnesota - 2
North Dakota - 1

On to the National Championship!!!


Taco Cat Opens In Minneapolis

We are Taco Cat, a bike-only taco delivery service in Minneapolis, MN.
Call 612-270-8007 to place an order. We take cash, credit, or barter.

I need to find some southsiders to hang out with and order some of these. Oh, and I love the FAQ’s part of their website…

Q: I’m drunk and what is this?
A: Taco Cat is a late-night, bike-only, taco delivery service in Minneapolis, MN.

Q: Why is Taco Cat delivery only?
A: It’s easier and cheaper for us to operate this way.

Q: Can I pick up my order instead?
A: No.

Q: Do you only deliver on bike?
A: Yes. We should make up some bullshit about sustainability or something, but we just like to bike.

Q: How did Taco Cat start?
A: No one delivered tacos. We stepped up.

Q: Where can I get a Taco Cat shirt/merch?
A: You can add one to your order or pick one up at The Alt bike shop.

Q: Is it Tacocat or Taco Cat?
A: We don’t really know. It’s both.

Q: Did you know that Taco Cat is a palindrome?
A: Yes.

Q: Are your tacos made from cats?
A: No and you aren’t funny.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Probably not.

Q: Are you a legally licensed business?
A: Who the fuck are you? You want tacos or what?

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Minnesota is the New California - The Sota Boys

Go outside and enjoy the warm sun today, my friends.

We’ve earned it.

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Wednesday April 9th, 2014

You guys, everyone’s favorite tank top wearing meteorologist Sven Sundgaard posted this on his Facebook page today.

I just checked the National Weather Service site, and they are predicting sunny skies and 67 degrees that day.

You guys…

*starts weeping*

*hugs all of Minnesota Tumblr*


Are You MN Enough?: Winter Sucks




Found out tonight that the famous Roller Garden dinosaur was brought inside about 8-9 years ago after the teens at St. Louis Park High School kept stealing him off the top of the building.

Couple things:

1) I tend to ask staff questions like this, I’m curious by nature.

2) Teens from St. Louis Park ruin everything.