Vocalist Maurice McKinnis (1985)

(Source: collections.mnhs.org)

Vintage Minnesota State Fair Posters from the Minnesota Historical Society

(Source: collections.mnhs.org)

Ads on the back of a bulletin from St. Cyril’s Church, Minneapolis (Sept 21st, 1980)

As far as I can tell, the only places still open in the same location, with basically the same name are:

Kapala-Glodek Funeral Home (without Bertch)
Northeast State Bank (now without “State” in name)
Elsie’s Restaurant & Lounge
Nye’s Polonaise Room
Kozlak University Funeral Chapel (now Kozlak-Radulovich)

*image scanned by me

Dance contest, The Riverview, Minneapolis (1985)

(Source: collections.mnhs.org)

View of a smoke filled bar with quite a few bottles of Grain Belt Premium on the bar. (1945)

(Source: collections.mnhs.org)

Elvis Costello, Minneapolis (1978)

(Source: elviscostello.info)

Grain Belt Beer Poster - “Girl In The Barley Field”

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Minneapolis Music Flashback Friday - TĂȘtes Noires

TĂȘtes Noires was the first all-female rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, best known for their “casually mocking” feminist lyrics and for three- and sometimes up to six-part vocal harmonies. Founded by former Miss South Dakota Jennifer Holt, they gave concerts from 1983 until about 1987, and recorded three albums which received positive reviews nationally. As Susan Borey wrote for Spin, the name means “black heads” in French, which they used to describe their hair color (like birds and not a complexion problem).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Young woman locking up her bike on Nicollet Mall (1972) via Old Minneapolis

Near Lake & Lyndale (1973) via Old Minneapolis